the Standard is grieving for the death of The Levaux, for many years a director, the president, and the right hand of several presidents of the club. The 81-year-old businessman, was a personal friend of the Brazilian legend, Pele, and died as a result of the covid 19.

during his long career at the Standard was, Levaux at times when the club is in 1969, with only 2-3 went on to win on the field is the unbeatable Real Madrid. The Standard is still the only club for me.

Levaux has served under great men, Roger Petit, and later on in the duo’s Wauters-Duchêne. He made it to the corruption-scandal of the Standard Kind, and tried out for the club later herop to build it up. All the while, he played his role as a public relations person and spokesperson.

Levaux was also a representative of the sports brand Puma, and in that role have a great relationship with the Brazilian legend, Pele. In the mid-seventies, he made the Black Pearl and went to Belgium for a game, royal antwerp-to-play-with-Anderlecht star Paul Van Himst.