Place to meet was the lying on the right Bank of the Siberian river small town Chapaevsk (located in the municipal education Aksarkovskoe Priuralsky district), where seasonal fishing traditionally attracts the inhabitants of the surrounding national villages. Here, in the famous Chapayev Sands, they are the employees of the municipal fishery enterprise, shared with his Deputy thoughts and concerns.

What causes their lack of understanding is at times overly regulated, not taking into account natural and geographical features of the rules of the fishing season. They are spelled out in Federal law “On fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources”, and the relevant Federal Agency on the basis of the law sets deadlines, penalties for violations. Ignore them, of course, is impossible, otherwise the company will go bankrupt. But in the end it’s an ironic twist similar to the one with pain said experienced trapper Alex Valitov.

Last spring on the Yamal Peninsula was very hot, because “the fish have gone before.” Over the course of a close relative of the whitefish – Peled – had only angrily watching, and when Putin began, that was already in the other waters of the Obi. In the end, the production plan for whitefish is partly disrupted. It is the firm conviction of Alexei and his comrades to resume operating earlier practice of using speed for the ban, based on the observations and recommendations of scientists-ichthyologists. Then keep track of time and missed the breeding herd, to seize the opportunity of industrial fishing. That is, the rules must be sufficiently flexible, and deadline constraints – to take into account climatic realities and regional specificities.

Sergei Lamkin listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of fishers and other critical topics. For example, as outboard motors some time ago acquired with the direct participation of the speaker of the regional Parliament. He supported the interlocutors in a number of positions, answered questions on granting of social payments, participation in housing programs on the incidence of coronavirus infection and measures to prevent its spread. Already on the scow, freighter taking the catch, continued the dialogue with the head of fisheries Alexey and Luk’yashko,.

In the hold of the scow so far, only the so-called black fish – burbot, bream, crucian carp. It accounts for the lion’s share of the catch in the entire region. This year the municipal enterprise planning production taking into account the winter fishing season – at the level of 800 tons. Of these, only 5 have on the most valuable species – Sakura, CIRA. The fifth part of the catch the fishermen to dispose of themselves, and the other is sent to the processing of the Salekhard plant. Alexey and Luk’yashko, I am sure that the task team, which employs Mastera his case, a family dynasty Tobolka, Alma, Chieftain, Sherashova, Vaitovich, Wyceny, right.