the Group “Little Big” that was supposed to represent us in Rotterdam at the contest “Eurovision 2020” remains this year at home.

on the eve of the failed “Eurovision 2020”, “MK” decided to recall the success story of the soloist of the band “Little Big” by Sophia Tayurskii.

“Little Big” – Ilya Prusikin, Sophia Tayurskii, Sergei Makarov and Anton Lissa have become international stars on the Internet and without the “Eurovision”. The song “UNO” and dance “Puhlease” Dmitry Krasilov won and won the hearts of audiences this spring. It is worth noting that all the members of the band were the creative guys since childhood. However, the soloist of “Little Big” Sophia Tayurskii have done a tremendous job not only in her musical career, but has visibly improved the appearance with the growing global popularity. From a provincial simpleton of a karaoke bar – the stylish actress and YouTube stars.

From open sources it is known that Sophia Tayurskii was born in Irkutsk in 1991, in a large family (the singer has two sisters and a brother). From early childhood she showed a love for music and dancing, on the personal page Tayurskii still preserved photos from various competitions and performances. After Irkutsk Sophia together with his family moved to the small town of Novodvinsk.

he Studied in the same school, talked with one company, was always friendly and sympathetic person, at the moment nothing has changed, – says a classmate of Sophia – Basil. – She is great! It was nothing, in those years, Sonia, was very modest and shy, after school, we had not seen for over 10 years, last met with her and their entire team at the concert in November 2016 .

After high school a girl seriously thinking about a career and moved from a small town in the Northern capital, where he enrolled in Saint Petersburg state Institute of culture. Craving for creativity and success in his student years in Sofia has increased with each passing day. After studying at the Institute was on the smaller stages in bars, restaurants, cafes and karaoke

I worked with Sonya a Great, positive girl. Always it was evident that insanely talented, – tells a familiar Tayurskii Jan. – Worked in a karaoke bar in St. Petersburg. If she wanted to be famous? To be honest, I don’t know

It was so long ago, but I remember how talented she was.

Another friend Tayurskii Olga remembers that a future star was always singing.

– How many know her, she is always and everywhere sang (laughs), she has a lovely voice. And everyone was in awe of her vocals, – said Olga.

recognized As herself Sophia since she moved to the Northern capital it is “cooked” only in a creative environment. The atmosphere of music, dance, colorful images and motivated her to evolve, to change and ��to find the most suitable style on the stage.

Familiarity with the band “Little Big” took place about 6 years ago, the band took the team enterprising Tayurskii, however in the beginning the girl was in secondary roles. Debut artist at the mad video works “Little Big” took place only in 2016 in the video for “Hateful Love”. Then, fans heard and saw the soloist Sophia Tayurskii. Beautiful voice combined with a sleek look, by the time Sophia lost a lot of weight that immediately remembered by the fans.

Known publicist Anna Isaeva has explained to us the secret of success of the guys from “Little Big”

– When you look at them, always catch myself smiling – said Anna. – I’m sure they would have a great chance to win. Because they are not like standard pop music, they are very advanced, extraordinary. I love everything about them. Their way from the 70s are very popular and, oddly enough, relevant to our days.

– Your predictions, they could win?

– In the top three for sure would have entered. They are extraordinary, and this is the format of “Eurovision”. I’m sure they would in a live performance came up with something cool. They differ from all other artists. I don’t like the word “freak”, “frikbot”, but in the context of the competition for the European audience is what you need, plus the novelty that there is a “Little Big”.

“the Eurovision 2020”: online broadcast of the show “Europe lights lights”