The smartphone is a Paradise for infections. How to clean it properly?

the Typical advice to prevent the spread of infections wash your hands often, do not touch the face and not near people with respiratory symptoms — are published in the media for several weeks. With the most detailed version, the who can be found here.

there is only one caveat — the text of the esteemed organization as if it was written thirty years ago, when the pocket is several billion people on the planet still do not lay a rod of glass, metal and plastic. That is, the smartphone, for which we grab a few dozen, or even hundreds, times a day, and often offer to face. How dangerous is he, in terms of transmission? And if to disinfect it, how to do it right without damaging the device?

Recommendations for surface protection of your smartphone from harmful pathogens, including virus COVID-19, tried to find the Verge. With reference to the Journal of Hospital Infection reported that the coronaviruses can survive on metal, glass or plastic up to nine days. Thus they are easy effectively neutralize one minute, treating the surface with a solution of ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite.

That wipe clean smartphone screen with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is dangerous — easy to wash off the oleophobic coating that helps your finger to slide easily along the screen surface, protects the surface from greasy stains and is missing only the cheapest models. Apple and Google are recommended in case of heavy contamination, wipe the apparatus with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water (if the device has no certification for protection against water ingress, you need to be very careful). Alternatively, you can close the screen at the time of the season of respiratory infections protective glass to lose the coating on it not so pathetic — and then a month or two to remove it.

However, microbiologist Charles Djerba (it was his colleagues found out in 2017, on the surface of the smartphone 10 times more germs than the toilet seat) offers in the magazinee Health Magazine wet cloth microfiber solution 40% pure alcohol and 60 water (essentially, vodka), and to handle the phone, not forgetting at the end to wipe it dry. For the body or the protective case, the expert proposes to use a commercially available antibacterial wipes. Some sources say that a single processing screen with a solution of equal parts water and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol oleophobic coating can’t hurt, but practicing regularly is not necessary.

Optimal (from the point of view of the balance of risk for smartphone and effectiveness against microorganisms) method — ultraviolet. A few minutes under the UV lamps will die 99.9% of potential pathogens. However, have to spend money on a special device. There are even compact device specifically designed to disinfect smartphones.

Finally, you can simply try to use smartphone a little differently than usual — try to use it less, not to get it in transport or in public places, until I came back into the room and didn’t wash my hands, and to limit the calls and using headphones or a headset. So you reduce the number of contacts between the surface of the device and the person.

Text: To.Hi-tech