Anderlecht are calling for the money from European football to distribute to their own empty pockets to eat. , That the sense of living with our first graders. This does not mean that the smaller clubs will not have the solidarity of the questions in this coronacrisis. A recent survey shows that they are mostly hoping for a re-distribution of the tv money. Ironically, it was proposed by RSCA, most recently, the lion’s share of the tv revenue to the clubs and to let it flow.

The Geril.

Charleroi, and for the first time in the history of the groups of the Europa League. As well as Club Brugge in the cup final win last, or that cup final will not be played, as a third party in the state, normally speaking, the right to a European ticket, and the flow there is a couple of million at Mambourg. The money to give judgement on a lack of understanding at the Karolo’s. “Everyone has been talking about solidarity, responded to the secretary-general, Pierre-Yves Hendrickx recently. However, European football clubs have made their entry on to the field and earned it and no one’s is owed.”

Charleroi is close, therefore, with the vision of the Club, AA Gent. Anderlecht has the momentum is not with them. If the RSCA in this appeal, three years ago, it was done, when, as the champion himself, a € 30 million earned in the Champions League, it was a more positive manner. Now it smells like the fate of the club and the lack of financial resources. “Who in European football have met, have the right to the European revenues, that sounds too Frank Lagast, general manager of KV Mechelen. “It is a fundamental principle.”

Ironically, Anderlecht

most of The support that was given the purple-and-white still from Cercle Brugge. Chairman Vincent Goemaere tweette: “Maybe it is strange, but strong, @rscanderlecht in this step. We need bold decisions, and people like @karelvaneetvelt need to be in the best interests of the Belgian football competition,”. The tweet was quickly deleted. The opposite would Goemaere, however, one or the other perspective. “The Belgian football will not survive in the other’s beautiful eyes. Due to this, coronacrisis, we are very, very, very tough economic times, and solidarity will be needed. Who knows, it will take twelve to eighteen months, we will normally be able to play football. Therefore, it is the courage that Anderlecht) takes the initiative, but the wind really don’t have. We need to have all the clubs get round the table to sit, and it should certainly not be one-sided at Club Brugge looks to have money to deposit. There should be just iéts to happen. The emotions have to be pushed in, or there are going to be the clubs at the bottom.”

one of the smaller clubs will see this and reply on Twitter that said the KV Kortrijk-president, Joseph Allijns it should be: “Solidarity is the tv money”. A lot of the other teams adhered to. “In addition to the tv money, there’s very little other money,” said Dirk, george chapman, president of the Waasland-Beveren (belgium). “The top clubs have to adopt to European football on a budget. They rely, therefore, on the left. But as far as the tv money is concerned, there will be a new and fairer balance to be struck.”

The irony here is that Anderlecht were recently in negotiations for the new contract will have all the stops pulled out to get as much as possible of the millions of the top clubs to the bottom. At this point in time, 80 per cent of the added value of (20.5 million dollars) of the new tv contract on the G5, and only 20 per cent of the little , the F11. Now, RSCA, almost five times more than it was, say, Three, or Asia. “A few weeks ago, Anderlecht is still in the other modes,” says the Club president Goemaere. “Amazing that they now have solidarity and to talk to.”

“If Anderlecht are no longer for their own account, to talk to, that’s fine”, then Dirk and george chapman in the. “We must bridge the gap between the big and the small clubs that do not have growing to be.”


the Question is whether or not Anderlecht and other clubs to agree to a new distribution of the tv money. Because you will lose the purple-and-white, re-income, while the distribution of the European funds only for now but it would be a win. Okay, that RSCA is that it is one of the following three seasons, however, the European will to play football, but are there any guarantees?

It will be still discussions about what is the right form of it is. In a lot of goodwill in the European proposal is to Marc Coucke will not have hope. A lot of clubs to find the one that’s a billionaire in the market, broken down by players and are far too expensive to pay for, and his talent needs to sell it rather than spending money to recruit. At his former club, KV Oostende, lives, and even in the following sense: “If Coucke wants everyone to solidarity, or the solidarity with the us and the debt assumes that he has UNTIL opzadelde”.

Anderlecht, still a big slokop tv money.

in Spite of a disastrous season, Anderlecht have always been a big slokoppen of the tv money in the Jupiler Pro League. We have made an estimate for the year 2020-2021, the first year of the new contract of the right-holder’s Family to the gates. A total of 95 million euros, divided equally between the teams from the 1A-and 1B-including some of the bonuses that are included in our calculation table.

According to our conservative calculations, would be that Anderlecht always have with € 10.6 million is yours. The only Club Brugge (11.5 million euros) will be given more. In the figures, it is easy to see that the so-called G5 is significantly more than the F11. Eighty-five percent of the value of the new contract, to be exact.

Antwerp, was first to cross in the negotiations, but was ultimately gepaaid with an amount of the loan that must be repaid. Also, was that a team from the F11 that will take part in the Play-off 1 will be entitled to a premium varying between 600,000 and 1 million, respectively.

Note that this estimate is valid only if there is another season with sixteen teams and a play-off will be played, and if Waasland-Beveren down to 1B. If there will be more next season, eighteen teams play in the 1A and it would be in 1B, the tv money will be spread over a 26, in place of 24 teams.

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