Since the beginning of June, UBS will pay on savings accounts no interest and more. And if you take into account the fees, so the negative interest rates have arrived now at the small investor. Amazing way to take the Swiss with a shrug of the shoulders note of. You seem to accept to lose with the savings account money.

to blame for this unpleasant Situation, the Swiss national Bank (SNB) is. You yourself say, responsible for the European Central Bank (ECB), which flood the market with euros, and so the interest rates downwards press rather. The SNB could not help but to.

Economists obligations to her. The interest rates are above those in the Euro zone, the investors. Thus, the demand for francs increases, which leads to an Overvaluation and a lower Euro exchange rate. A strong franc is a Problem for the economy, and in particular for the export industry.

the imports are That franc is strong and effective, likes to forget. What is clear is that Where there are export losers, there are also import winner.

What an Outcry, as at 15. In January 2015, the SNB chief, Thomas Jordan, to the Surprise of all, said that the SNB would no longer defend the Euro minimum exchange rate. By the way, it was also the SNB will introduce to the weakening of the Swiss franc negative interest rates.

The Outcry was not for the fatal negative interest rates. He was dropped of the Euro. The economy is roaring louder than the savers.

What is worse for our society: the strong Swiss franc or the negative interest rates? In the long term, the interest rate is likely to cause a situation of large-scale damage. And, it is believed, Thomas Stucki, chief Investment officer at St. Galler Kantonalbank, the negative interest rates exert on the exchange rate anyway only a limited impact, at least considerably lower than interventions in the foreign exchange market, he said on Wednesday at a media conference. On the same day, Raiffeisen chief economist Martin Neff explained to “The negative interest rates have provided evidence that they act in some Form as a deterrent to investors.”

the following is Proved: To cause low interest rates to create market distortions. This is shown for example in pension funds, are forced to take greater risks. Nobody, however, believes that the Central Bank intends to abandon its interest rate policy.

So we need to stop for a long time, interest rates on Savings in order to keep the export industry in a good mood. But there are other interest groups that benefit from the interest-rate situation. The cheap money is flowing, namely, pre in stock and real estate markets. Accordingly, the prices are on the rise. Shareholders and property owners are getting richer. The small savers is the Stupid one.