PRAGUE, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. The Slovak Parliament on Thursday expressed confidence in the government of Prime Minister Igor Matovich and endorsed its programme, it has been voted 93 of the 141 deputies present, the meeting was broadcast the network TV channels.

Elections to the Parliament of Slovakia was held on 29 February, they participated 65,8% of the voters. The most votes received the party of “Ordinary people and independent personality” (olnl), and its leader Igor Matovic the President of the Republic Zuzana Chepalova instructed the formation of a government.

on Saturday 21 March the leaders of the four democratic parties – all, “We are family”, “Freedom and solidarity” and “For the people” – signed an agreement on forming a ruling coalition has in Parliament by a constitutional majority having 95 seats out of 150. The President of the Republic on the same day, approved the proposed coalition government.

“due To the fact that the new office from the first day had to join in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the country, a policy statement was prepared and announced only 11 days ago and just today we asked for a vote of confidence in our government and the approval of our program,” he said at a meeting of matovich.