The situation with the passengers of cruise liners: not all the tests over

the Good news: in Russia not a single person is infected with a coronavirus. That is, the system of government adopted by order of Putin, working. And efficiently.

Meanwhile, China is also efficient in localizing the disease. A special case is a position on a cruise ship where thousands of passengers were in uncomfortable conditions, because most of the cheaper passenger cabins without Windows, and cramped, with bunk beds.

yesterday it seemed that all the trials and troubles behind. Went down to the Cambodian coast after two weeks of wandering in the Pacific ocean, the passengers on the liner Westerdam now can’t leave Phnom Penh until the test results for coronavirus.

Before Cambodia was allowed to go Westerdam in the port of Sihanoukville, the liner with fifteen hundred tourists in turn refused to accept Japan, Taiwan, GUAM, the Philippines and Thailand. In Cambodia, doctors conducted a survey on Board. Virus none found. Prime Minister Hun sen personally greeted tourists with flowers.

the First group of passengers on the eve of the Westerdam departed from Phnom Penh to Kuala Lumpur, and there quarantine service Malaysia discovered a Chinese virus from elderly tourists from the US. Those who are in Phnom Penh to leave did not, were forced again to delay his return home.

More dramatic is the situation on Board of cruise Diamond Princess, which is in quarantine in Yokohama. On the liner — citizens of over 50 countries, including 24 Russians, the number of cases grows every day a few dozen people. It often happens that one spouse is sent for compulsory treatment, the second remains in the cabin.

Now the Japanese authorities are focused on being able to check for virus all on Board until the completion of quarantine. In the first week the work was slow. Was checked a total of about 700 people. Now this is connected universities and private laboratories across the country. Task — to increase the number of check per day to one thousand thpersons.

a Banner out of a sheet with the name Donald trump and pink heart American tourists hung out on his balcony after Washington decided to send in Tokyo, two of the aircraft to centrally take their citizens home: their ship is about 380. On their return they will be placed on two military bases in California and Texas to pass another two-week quarantine, but under the supervision of American authorities. As they return home the rest of the passengers are foreigners and how many will end ashore is not yet clear.

the Newly identified infected in hospitals is transported only in the daytime. At night the port is closed. Life here stands still. Those who have the virus are diagnosed in the late afternoon, until the morning remain on the liner. Quarantine on Diamond Princess officially ends on February 19.

meanwhile in Sydney at anchor stood another ship — the Norwegian Jewel. The virus it not yet discovered, but the authorities in Australia will allow passengers to go ashore only after verification.

Text: “News of the week”