The simultaneous Maltsev: the Main thing is to compete at the Olympics

However, Alexander Maltsev continues to go to its main goal – the performance at the Olympic games.

Alexander, you are on a par with the American bill may called the pioneer of the men’s synchronized swimming. Really feel like a pioneer?

Photo: Maxim Bogodvid/ RIA Novosti Coach Tatyana Danchenko: Russian synchronised swimmers can all

Oleksandr Maltsev basically, I always felt that I was doing what to me nobody ever did. At least in Russia, I was the first and for a long time the only interpreter. Hard to pass on this unknown path alone. But when he became champion of the world, began to realize that the boys are written in the section, inspired by my example. Nice to know that you look up to. And that now all doors open to them. Stereotypes are destroyed, men in synchronized swimming, there are big prospects. Yet unconquered peak is the Olympic games. But in FINA understand that the future for the mixed synchronized swimming. So I want more mixed disciplines in the competition program, and recognition of the IOC for the Olympic games in Paris in 2024.

You four-time world champion. So how those guys who go in your footsteps?

Oleksandr Maltsev Is a Duo of Mikhail Vasiliev and Kristina Averina. The boys present Moscow oblast. They somehow replaced me and Maya Kurbanberdi on the Cup of Europe in St. Petersburg and won. They have a high level great ambitions. But they can’t fight for medals of the world Championships, because according to the regulations from each country to declare only a single Duo. Internal competition is good. But we have to give new duets a opportunity to grow, develop, gain skills, experience in internationalOh arena.

You mentioned that the process of your development as an athlete was not easy. How to survive and not quit?

Oleksandr Maltsev since childhood, I realized that the path that I chose right, and those who belong to my occupation with incomprehension and denial, mistaken. For me it was always clear how a sport may be purely female or purely male. Harmonious sport should be suitable for either sex. The Olympic Charter says that the IOC and the Olympic movement against discrimination in sport on any grounds – religious, ethnic, gender. But there are rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. The principles of balance, logic – everything is broken. At the Games in Rio mixed duet was not in the program, in Tokyo, too, will not. But our discipline is recognized at the official level as mixed.

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian synchronised swimmers are ready for the tough discipline and competition

of Course, when I started to do synchronized swimming, I was just doing what I like, I strive for perfection. Met the coaches, the choreographers who helped me. I tried to take the best studied elements of the complex, watched the video, stop-frame and looked into the strongest movement synchronised swimming world. And hoped that the time will come when everything will change. So in General it turned out.

Who synchronized swimmers will not leave you indifferent?

Oleksandr Maltsev French Virginia Didier, the Spaniard Gemma Mengual and Andrea Fuentes. Them I admired. When I watched the recording of their performances many years ago, and could not imagine that one day I will to communicate with them, to compete, to perform. For example, Didier. She is a true professional in terms of technique and a great actress. We did to her room the world series stage in France during the gala-concert. It was almost an improvisation, because at the time the rehearsal was not. We made up a room just 15 minutes, but the audience was delighted. She has crazy energy. For me it was a pleasant and memorable moment.

you had a lot of partners. The truth is that athletes in the national team even called you a womanizer?

Oleksandr Maltsev a joke. Although I have actually had five partners, including four in the national team.

4 partner was Alexander Maltsev in Russian national team. With three of them he has won the world Championships in 2015, 2017 and 2019

speaking seriously, it must be hard to start work with a new person?

Oleksandr Maltsev It’s complicated. Not even from a technical standpoint. It is important each other to feel on an emotional level, to work together, to find a contact. It takes time. I think Maya is the fastest way to handle. A month later performed at the show of Olympic Champions Maria Kiseleva.

But the leader in the duet always you?

Oleksandr Maltsev it Depends on what you mean by that. I’m not a commander. If one person pulls the blanket over himself, then nothing happens. But I have more experience. So always try to support my partner, to help by word and deed. But we are equal.

Maya said you legs picked up. Your feet from womens almost can not be distinguished. And that’s a compliment. But some believe that the man in the mixed Duo still needs to be more brutal.

Oleksandr Maltsev a Controversial statement. Synchronized swimming men should be harmonious figure. Muscle will not help. Here is an important ease. Muscle mass should be dry. No unnecessary, non-working muscles. Our figure is closer to ballet dancers or divers in the water.

But, believe me, in the room I spend INRtime. There is a study of all muscle groups: exercises at the gym, with its own weight, pull-UPS, push-UPS, barbell. You need to do not just float on the water. We have estimated the height of finding a body on the surface. In order to stand upright, you need strong legs, but not heavy. For dynamic elements – for example, ejection upside down, an important explosive strength, speed-strength abilities.

Alexander Maltsev and press, and barbell lifts, but the muscle is not important for men in synchronized swimming

I read that you wanted to recruit water Polo players, just due to the fact that you are well on the water was…

Oleksandr Maltsev Yes. It was the case. We have a Polo team is the same exercise – “egbeta” (from the English eggbeater – whisk eggs) is a special hoe-type motion with the legs under water to hold the body upright. But of course we have higher requirements. By the way, we swim a lot, too: 75 m front crawl, 25 m underwater breath-hold. And so 400 meters.

Coach see yourself in the future?

Oleksandr Maltsev I graduated with honors from a master’s degree, enrolled in graduate school, writing a thesis. I would like to learn. I’m interested sports diplomacy. But being a coach also for the soul. I do a good job explain. Perhaps because at the time, I learned a lot by trial and error, doing elements on feelings, not seeing myself from the outside.

the all-Russian swimming Federation suffered a pre-Olympic CHR

Alexander, you’re 24. Bill may – 41, and he’s still performing. Can become the same longevity in the sport?

Oleksandr Maltsev do Not want to think. Sport is a risk. Now the important thing is to seek the inclusion of mixed duets in the Olympic program and to participate in the Games. So try to combine exercise with propaganda. Want your example, in my experience to prove that men in synchronized swimming – it’s interesting. We are no better and no worse than girls. We have a role to play. After a few years, men’s synchronized swimming will be on a higher level, the competition will become even more spectacular. And it would be difficult to imagine that it was a purely female sport.