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Yesterday was the premiere for the domestic series of projects coming to the video. So, the site Kinopoisk, quickly reacted to the situation, and that this Thursday has released two new series. They are also the first in the line series of new products of own production of this resource. The name of the TV series “the Last Minister” and “the Project “Anna”.

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a Few years ago Paulina Andreeva has opened a new milestone in the domestic serial and-motion talent playing robot in the series “Better than people”. We will remind that the Russian TV series purchased Netflix for a range of original projects. In multiserial film “the Project “Anna N.” robot talent and originality was played by actress Zoe Berber, continuing thus, the Russian TV series “robotics”.

the First thing that draws the attention of the show – a great tandem zoey Berber and Sergei Garmash. He plays the chief of the police Department in the Russian region, where they put to the test the new Android. However, to say that Anna korolkevich robot, is strictly prohibited. Therefore, the staff of the operational Department, like all others think that she is a daughter of Deputy Minister, which was sent to the Russian hinterland to gain mind-mind. Zoya Berber for the new role has brought himself to perfection. Not only demonstrates excellent physical shape, but also excellent training. But that’s not it, and the fact that her character must evolve and adapt to the world people.

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This was quite a daunting task, because people do not live according to the instructions. For example, to be among his people, Anna Nikolaevna have to stop constantly to show her built-in lie detector. And people keep breaking their own written laws, and it defies logic. Correction of the robot in online mode engage its creators from Moscow. And, of course, the whole life and work with the Android police captain in a small town can be seen in the science center, at a glance.

the Director of the series Maksim Pezhemskii, the authors of the script Dmitry Lemeshev and Roman nepomnyashchiy. Producers Alexander Tsekalo, Ivan Samokhvalov, Olga Filipuk. Creative producer – Mary Trubnikov. The movie also starred Anton Filipenko, Fyodor Lavrov, Kuzma Saprykin, Maroussia Klimov, Anton Vasiliev, Nikita Tarasov, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Irina Rozanova, Julia Aug and others.

Premieres on the Network allow you to choose the suitable version for you to view. More loyal, and buy, for example, for Teens, and more rigid – with a rating of 18 plus. In the TV series “the Last Minister” Director Roman Volobueva, it is recommended for thrills to choose the second. Because it the main character is a Minister ( in this role, Jan Tsapnik) will try to attract attention to changes in the legislation. For example, want to change the law about the Russian language. And without foul language here will not do. Bright works in the series, Olga Sutulova she plays the first Deputy Minister, and Sergey Episheva – one of employees of Department. The film also busy Nelly Uvarova, Anna Shepeleva, Sophia Lebedev, Alex zolotovitski, Darya Nosik, Ekaterina Nosik, Fyodor Lavrov and others.

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Also yesterday saw the premiere of two episodes of the new project “257 reasons to live” (directed by Maxim Sveshnikov) to START the video service, which previously wrote “RG”. Service Premier has released the fourth series is highly debated action-series “the Call Centre” by Natalia Merkulova and Alexei Chupov. This project is a pioneer, as of such TV shows in Russia earlier did not. He is able to tickle the nerves of any spectator. First of all, that provokes, dip every head into the world of his own fears. And this is very symbolic because now a days audience is experiencing a “restructuring” – learning to see with new eyes the new. And this trend will only grow. It remains to be used.