the Detachment of combat ships of the conventional enemy destroyed the small missile ships of the Baltic fleet on maneuvers at the marine ranges of the Kaliningrad coast.

the sea was planned, have informed in Department of information support a press-services ZVO on the Baltic fleet. Naval strike group, consisting of RTO “Sovetsk” and “Mytischi” performed electronic missile launches cruise missiles “Calibre”.

Both ships were firing at the same time using the missile complex “Caliber-NK”. Target that simulates “enemy” ships and land targets located at a considerable distance, were successfully struck, although the complexity of the task the crews were artificially created complex interference environment.

the Ships also jointly repelled an air RAID with conventional artillery and worked with the production of radio interference. The crew then conducted a series of naval exercises in damage control, anti-sabotage defense, the organization of interaction and communication between vehicles.