The ship, which revealed a coronavirus, was closed for quarantine

On the cruise liner Diamond Princess, the passengers revealed the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, there are two Russians. This was reported in the Russian Embassy in Tokyo.

the Cruise liner Diamond Heself at Yokohama Bay about a kilometer or two from shore. To approach the dock he strictly prohibited, and, apparently, this quarantine will last another two weeks. Today confirmed the main concerns: on Board really is infected with the novel coronavirus. The first official data of the Japanese authorities on Wednesday morning: 10 infected, but how many of them actually is difficult to say. Of 3700 passengers and team members tested for the virus were only about 300 people.

On Board the ship are citizens of the 56 countries and territories, including two Russians. The footage, taken by the passengers, empty corridors. People ask for without having to leave the cabin, not to use public toilets and good hygiene. In restaurants and bars before touching food and plates, everyone should thoroughly wash their hands in the presence of a member of the team. By mid-day the government officially made the decision to leave the ship in the picture for 14 days.

“last night, we check the condition of all passengers and crew members who feel a physical ailment”, said Yoshihide Suga, state and political figure of Japan, the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan.

patients at least three Japanese. The ages of 50-60 years. About the nationality of the other data yet. The condition of all patients is not heavy.

in the Morning to Board the ship approached the Japanese boat of the border control Maritime security for the evacuation of patients to medical institutions in Yokohama. How long will it take to believe all aboard is hard to say.

the Decision about the picture was clear after 80-year-old Chinese passenger, 20 JanArya went on this ship from Yokohama and 25th come down in Hong Kong, a week identified a strain of the new virus. It is reported, during the cruise it including the swimming pool. In this case the test was only 273. The results obtained until the 31st, and they were positive 10. If this trend continues, this one is the only cruise liner can add to the official number of cases in Japan on dozens, if not hundreds of people. Despite the fact that the global statistics of Japan by the number of identified cases of infection has steadily ranked second in the world after China.

Earlier, the Japanese government reported that the country’s 23 confirmed cases of infection. Now the figure has increased by another 10. The stats are updated around the world. In recent days a new infection cases recorded in China, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Canada. Today, the coronavirus has infected 24.5 thousand people. 492 patients have died.