According to him, the low level of external public and private debt accumulated financial resources of the national welfare Fund significantly mitigate the negative impact of the current global economic situation, including in the part of maintain a sufficient level of stability of the national currency. However, as noted Abilene, quickly negotiated within++ the OPEC agreement to reduce oil production has had a positive impact on quotations of the world prices for oil. Now oil prices are closer to the forecast level to ensure balanced execution of the planned budget.

“In General, decisions made, efficiency of their implementation to preserve the stability of the Russian economy and prevent the realization of threats to economic security of the country during the critical phase of the passage of the pandemic coronavirus infection,” – said the assistant Secretary of the security Council.

He also said that to further minimize the negative impact of the “post-quarantine” period at the meeting of the interdepartmental Commission of the security Council of the Russian Federation on security in economic and social spheres developed recommendations to the government and the Bank of Russia to implement a series of measures that will reduce threats to the economic security associated with the global economic crisis in the context of the ongoing sanctions pressure the US and its allies against our country.