In the Nigerian state Ebonyi sectarians kidnapped the student and tried to bury him alive. It is reported by local publication The Punch.

The victim, 20-year-old Oji Sunday, claims that the attackers mistook him for a member of a hostile cult a week ago that killed their fellow Muslims.

“They put me on one of their motorcycles and sped off to Akali, there dug a hole, threw me in it and filled with sand up to the chest,” he said.

The cultists did not manage to finish due to passing hunters.

“I was inside and was choking and screaming, but then they heard footsteps coming and fled,” — says Augie.

After the attack he was in the hospital. Police arrested 36 members of the sect, however after examination most of them were released. Behind bars nine suspects.

In January it was reported that in Panama during the ritual of exorcism, arranged in a remote village, killing seven people. Sectarian bound locals and a few days were beaten with sticks, and Bibles, tortured and butchered with a machete to get to repent.