Last Thursday, the FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell is an American socialite, the past six months diligently izbegavaju any attention to itself. She charged under the six articles, the essence of which is to persuade underage girls to have sex in the first place with the well-known financier, her friend and partner Jeffrey Epstein.Ghislaine Maxwell was born in France, lived all his childhood and youth in Britain, but a real business lady and socialite was in the United States. Her father, Robert Maxwell, Czechoslovak of Jewish origin, who became a British media tycoon and the main rival of Rupert Murdoch, was a knight of the Military cross and a member of the British Parliament, and, as it turned out after his death, a successful con man. Ghislaine was his ninth and most loved child. It is in her honor he named his yacht “the Lady Ghislaine”. The yacht, on which he will die. According to the official version falling into the water and drowned. According to the investigation, on their own. According to Ghislaine — the killing of.Photo: Abraham Ghislaine inherited from his father the prosecution and debts after the death of Robert Maxwell it became clear that he illegally withdrew £440 thousand from the pension Fund owned by the Mirror Group for their own accounts. Brothers and the British government had to compensate this amount to the victims, as charged in aiding and abetting the father was removed from the brothers, only three and a half years later. Daughter also got £80 million in a trust Fund, in advance, registered in Liechtenstein, and the opportunity to start a new life in the United States.Photo: ARV 1992 Ghislaine starts to work in estate Agency on Madison Avenue, which makes useful friends. Then she, for example, met with Ivana trump, the first wife of future US President Donald trump, one of the sons of prominent Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi and financier Jeffrey Epstein. For the latter, it will become not just a friend.Photo: Davidoff Studios / Getty Mademoselle quickly their friendship will grow into love and a very close working relationship. Ghislaine Maxwell becomes a close associate of Epstein’s business. And in 1994 they organized a joint business, which now can be read in the records of the FBI.In 2008, US police arrested Jeffrey Epstein on charges of organizing prostitution and sex with minors. The financier agreed to cooperate with the investigation and to do everything in order not to be behind bars for the rest of his days for his crimes, he faces a life sentence. Then he admitted guilt and paid compensation to 36 victims of his actions to the girls. Due to this, Epstein was granted immunity from further prosecution and, after a spell in prison only 13 months, was released.Photo: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services / Handout via REUTERПо the law on the plea bargain and early release was to inform the victims, however, did not. In February 2019 the investigation of Epstein was resumed on this basis. And in July he was arrested again. After searching his home, police got new evidence of sexual crimes. He was charged with sex trafficking, statutory rape, prostitution, bribery of witnesses and other crimes. At this point, the investigators found that Epstein has for many years engaged in the survival sex trade involving minors.The youngest girl was only 14 years old. The investigators found that involved not one. Among those who ordered his services were mentioned including the British Prince Andrew. And in the trade organization, the FBI suspected the friend of Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell. In December last year, police launched an investigation in respect as Prince, and Maxwell.Photo: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Madev last Thursday, early in the morning, special agents of the FBI pay a visit to a luxurious mansion in Bradford (state of new Hampshire), to arrest Maxwell. She was indicted on six counts, four of which relate to its probable participation in the criminal business Epstein from 1994 to 1997. Two more articles about making false statements to the court in new York in 2016 about her involvement in the criminal activities of Epstein.According to 17-page report of the Bureau of investigation, Ghislaine Maxwell “established friendly relations” with some of the victims, “asking them about their lives, school, families.” Then she and Epstein took the teenagers to the movies and shopping, to strengthen self-confidence. Finally, Ghislaine offered to the girls to get to one of the residences Epstein.Photo: Davidoff Studios / Getty Mademore as Ghislaine and Epstein have established a trust relationship with a minor, “Maxwell tried to normalize sexual violence in the eyes of the minor, among other things, discussing topics of sex, undressing in front of the victim, present during strip searches of underage victims and/or being present during sexual acts with underage victims of Epstein” reads the documents of the investigation. Sometimes Maxwell was doing Epstein a massage in the presence of the victims, while in other cases, she convinced them to massage him, “including sexual massage, during which the minor victim was fully or partially naked”. During such massages Epstein joined with the girls to sexual contact. Speaking after the arrest Ghislaine, Deputy acting Director of the new York office of the FBI William Sweeney stated that Maxwell did everything possible to avoid being arrested. She stopped appearing n�� the audience immediately after the arrest of Epstein last year. She has twice changed the location, changed phone number, registering it under a false name, G Max, changed e-mail addresses, and home delivery is made for another person.Photo: Drone Base, ReutersНаконец, she had bought a luxurious mansion with a plot area of 156 acres, for $1 million through front companies, of which there was practically no information. The investigation found Maxwell 15 Bank accounts that hold millions of dollars. Given all this, as well as the passports of three countries — France, great Britain and the United States, investigators believe that Maxwell will do everything possible to escape from the country, if not placed under arrest.The maximum term for it in total may be 35 years. In this scenario to be released, it can only at the age of 93 years.Kirill Saranac