TV wtFOCK’,‘secret’ internetreeksvoor of young people by the SBS, Telent, has begun the broadcasting of the lockdownafleveringen. The series will be in real time posted in opwtfock.bemet, just short clips at the same time. In view of the original recording, which for this time of the year have been determined it is not more similar to the reality today – due to the coronacrisis up, there is now a lock-down of the episodes.

Why did the show on a temporary basis in order to wtFOCKDOWN’. In the new clip, we see how the two characters to have a digital conversation with each other, via Facetime. Therein, they discuss what they are doing at the moment.

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All wtFOCK’characters ‘ even have their own Instagram account. Also, there are relevant pictures that tie in to current events.

The string needed to be added here and there, and what plans are being revised. Normally, they would be at this time starting with season 4, which would revolve around the character of Yasmina. Each season has a different theme. Last year was gay, and this season was the religion of the programme. Yasmina is a woman. When the recordings were made for everyone, however, is still relatively safe to walk the streets, that’s not the case at all. This would be the season, it is not realistic to happen, and that is still the plan.

The lockdownafleveringen are, therefore, likely to be a temporary solution, until the quarantine is lifted, and season 4 is still being broadcast, may be used.

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