– recommended For grades 1-8 to complete their studies before may 15 / may 16 (for five days and six days).

– For 10 classes is recommended to complete the General education program until may 29 / may 30 respectively.

of 9 and 11 classes recommended to complete the training until June 5.

As told to “RG” in the Ministry of education, the final decision on the timing of completion of studies, each region takes himself. Thus it is necessary to consider the specifics and measures for the protection of human health, applied in the region.

– We have prepared these recommendations in close dialogue with psychologists, with the expert community, based on the need, above all,to provide children with a good rest and psychologically and physically, – said the Minister Sergei Kravtsov, We expect that the fall guys will be able to go back to school, sit at desks, and we are now carefully lead the process of preparing the school year so that students are not dropped from the overall programme and at the same time, the program did not exceed the allowable load.

The Ministry of education also recommended the school in the period from 15 to 25 may provide additional support for the implementation of programs, extracurricular activities, additional General developmental programs, and education programs.