for six years under the guidance of experienced instructors, cadets and students studied marine science, participated in competitions on a marine all-around, learn to sail and manage a boat.

As told “RG” the student dmts Valentine Shumilov, during study at the club his friends had mastered the sea knots and flag semaphore, learned about the structure of sea and river vessels, learned to handle weapons and to go to multi-day river and sea expedition.

We studied navigation, and went to boat trips along the Volga. Two years ago I was an Intern on the sailboat “Sedov”: we went to the Baltic sea and the North sea. Last year, the guys participated in an international expedition on the ship Roald Amundsen together with the German sailors. Thanks to this school I decided that I wanted to connect his life with the sea and become a captain, – shared his plans for Valentine. – This year I graduated from high school and has submitted documents to the State University of sea and river fleet named after Admiral Makarov in Saint-Petersburg and in the Volga state University of water transport. I hope that the chances of entering I have, and quite good. Thanks to the marine center I know how to construct a sail, what a storm, and proud was such a school.

this year, three members of the Children’s Maritime center of Kostroma Alexey Khokhlov, Andrey Vasiliev and Eugene Kasatkin – become the best participants of gathering of young sailors in “Artek”. In February they were sent to participate in the world dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica and the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

a Team of 14 apprentices to the training sailing vessel “Pallada” carefully selected across the country. It was originally planned that stage of the round tour to Kostroma boys will last for two months. But the pandemic is in the early stages the expedition was delayed for 114 days. During the trip they were holding the watch at the helm and in the galley, worked with sailing gear, visited the Maritime ports of Argentina and South Africa. During a storm, the roll of the frigate was up to 48 degrees, and the eight-meter wave was battered sails “Pallada”. Part of the sails they brought home to Kostroma. Details about this expedition, “RG” wrote in N 36 from February 19, in the “Three on the frigate”.

As noted by head of Children’s Maritime center Natalia Menshikova, teachers are proud of the achievements of their students and believe that the guys will not let them down. Because of antivirus restrictive measures the usual uniform young sailors I had to add a new must-have accessory – the medical mask. But it did not spoil a lads holiday.

– unfortunately, this year because of the pandemic, awarded certificates to the graduates is not May 9, and not at the Eternal flame, and much later, but I’m glad the festival is still held. Dear graduates! You rapidly Sha��zeros to the expanse of adulthood, so keep walking the same for her confidence, overcoming difficulties and yet enjoying each day bringing new experiences and emotions! You fair wind and seven feet under the keel! We will always welcome you home port – the Children’s sea centre, she said to the graduates.

To commemorate the completion of the study each of the cadets received the right to strike in the Maritime bell – bell and make a wish. In turkluba convinced that each it will come true.

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