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As told to the French Minister of education Jean-Michel Form the Fifth Republic, first resume kindergartens, preparatory classes, the first and last classes of primary school. First of all, it will happen in areas where there are most problems with the organization of distance learning. May 18 at their desks, students will return the first and last grades of middle and high schools, and vocational schools. And already on may 25, they will join all the other students.

From sanitary considerations, each class will divide into groups, which should be no more than 15 people. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the schools will send out a special Protocol, which will have all the sanitary requirements for the organization of the educational process. If the school is not able for whatever reason to provide these requirements, it will not open. At the same time, as noted by the form, if an educational institution starts to work again, this does not mean that all students must immediately go back there. If parents are afraid to let their children, they can leave their homes and to continue the training remotely. On “distance” will be allowed to work and those teachers who belong to the group of risk.

In the Netherlands, the first door will also open kindergartens and “grade school” and the school is expected to resume in June. According to the authorities of the Kingdom, educational institutions will have to divide each class in half, one part of the students attend the lesson physically, and the other online.

Schools will be able to build the educational process on the basis of these requirements, but it is expected that each group will attend classes through the day. In addition, from 29 April children up to 12 years old will be allowed to play sports again under the supervision of a coach. Adolescents aged 13-18 years, too you can return to sports, but they will have to be at a distance of half a meter from each other.

the Strategy of “polesskogo” return of the pupils in the school have chosen to date, not one European country. May 4 in the walls of their educational institutions will return to the high school students of Germany and the government of the country decided that you should start with them. Some of them have already started to attend classes in some Federal länder. The Austrian government also felt that you should start with the alumni, and after may 15 to the educational process will gradually connect the younger students. However, one of the first on the way “revival” of the education system were the Danes: their nursery, kindergartens and “nachalki” began to emerge a week ago. There, too, divide the children into groups and forced to sit on one at their desks, placing them at a distance of two meters from each other.