Completely surprising the German actress Lisa Martinek (†47) died during their vacation in Italy. The lawyer of the family, Christian Schertz has now been notified. Martinek has appeared in several TV productions, including the scene of the crime.

The actress was in a relationship since 2002 with the Italian Director and Film producer Giulio Ricciarelli (53). Only at the 20. In June they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, and wrote a joint picture with her husband on Instagram: “For 10 years we have dance as a married couple through life.”

death while bathing on the beach on the island of Elba

The Couple has three kids – Luca (4), Carla (7) and Ella (9) – in Berlin, in the usual way. Off-camera, she moved to Italy. There, it came on Friday on the island of Elba, on the beach of Sant’Andrea, in the case of a bathroom accident to the Drama, as the Italian newspaper “La Nazione” reported.

her husband responded immediately and sounded the Alarm. She was taken by boat to the port and from there with a rescue helicopter to the hospital of Misericordia hospital in Grosseto (I) flown. There is, however, Martinek died shortly afterwards.

The exact circumstances of his death are not known. The lawyer of the family want to Express in this regard, not concrete. (rad)