The Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev convinced that the speedy release of detainees in the Republic of Russian citizens would in the circumstances "reasonable and fair" solution.

In an interview with reporters on Friday, he also noted that "sees merit in the version of the organization of this provocation as design implemented from a third country by the enemies of Russia and Belarus, designed to complicate relations between Moscow and Minsk in the period of preparation for the elections of the Belarusian head of state".

"Employees of consular Department of Embassy of Russia in Belarus on August 6-7, met with detained near Minsk 33 Russian citizens, who still do not understand the reasons for his detention, as indicted in the preparation for participation in mass riots, the Ambassador said. Today presents compelling evidence that the country was preparing a provocation aimed at the complication of relations of Russia and Belarus".

According to Mezentsev, the staff of law enforcement bodies of Belarus "straightforward and hard" reacted to the arrival of these people on the territory of the Republic, while not having full information, and not interacting with their Russian counterparts.

A version of the true purpose of the detainees in Belarus, the soldiers of PMC

He added that he was confident that the inspection of the Investigative Committee of Russia confirms "the customized nature of large-scale Scam". The Ambassador is convinced that the organizers from abroad were planning to harm the cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The diplomat stressed that the employees of the RF IC is ready to cooperate with Belarusian colleagues. Mezentsev believes that in the result of this proof Russia was not involved "a provocative performance".

As the diplomat said, "just and reasonable in this situation would be the imminent release of the Russians and giving them the opportunity to return home".

"the Russian side will not allow themselves to steps that can contribute to violation of public order and the rule of law, increased tension in the brotherly Belarus, especially during the election period", – said the Ambassador.