Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev said about the need to attract in the region until the end of the year, 3 million tourists, offering to look for the highlights in the region. Among them he identified a swamp in Novoburasskogo district and mud from Ershovskogo district. About it reports RIA "news".

"Novoburasskogo district, for example, there is a natural monument swamp moss. And who to it ever gone? It helped tenants to "UAZ"… and almost all together there in the swamp drowned", – said the Governor.

He added that in the area of the bog, archaeologists have discovered the first sites of ancient people in the region.

The Governor also praised the efforts of local authorities to restore the historic health resort with healing mud in Saratov, and then criticized the opinion of the Chairman of regional Committee on tourism, which is called the main attraction of the region of the Volga.

In conclusion, he urged local government to develop tourism environmental and health orientation.