“A lot of motels could work today. Some of them are used as Observatory. But they due to modern technologies could ensure the implementation of measures aimed at improving the immune status of people infected with normal SARS, to reduce the negative impact of social and informational stress”, – said the expert.

In Observatory placed on two weeks, for example, people who arrived from another region. Guests simply contained in a confined space in compliance with the requirements established by the CPS. The sanatorium could actively perform a useful function, said Razumov.

the Sanatorium can and should also be used for the rehabilitation of patients who coronavirus infection, to avoid complications in the respiratory and hematopoietic systems. In addition, these institutions can take courses of recovery the doctors, he added.

For this you need the professional community to work with CPS to develop the principles of the sort that the resort was not directed dangerous patients, the expert said. He noted that Russia has 1745 resorts of various forms of ownership, and they are all ready to work.