International football, It remains a storm, in the board room of the Catalans. FC Barcelona is dragging his ex-vice-president, Emili Rousaud, for the court of law. He came under heavy attack after he became president, Josep Maria Bartomeu accused of corruption in the country.

Rousaud, was to leave the premises after receiving a public relations company would have been out of the social media campaign for the office of president of Bartomeu. Not a disaster, had it not been for the business critical messages are spread out over Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique. That campaign put out a couple of months ago, the spark to the fire. Since then, there followed a period of turmoil and chaos, the Blaugrana .

Rousaud cried after the resignation of the Spanish empire, are the the innocence of of. He did say that there’s nothing news on the champions league semi-final-the players. In an interview with the Spanish-RAC1 he was moving the hot potato in front of him. “I think someone’s currency has been beaten out of the action? Yes, of course. I don’t know who it is, but I have a suspicion. If you are a person with a million euros, to pay for something that is actually worth 100,000 euros, it can be someone inside or outside of the club and make them better.”The good verstaanders a reference to Bartomeu. The board of directors as we arrived in the afternoon together and decided to Rousaud, for the court to move. Distribution the board of directors of the freed-we are against such. The previous week, had left all four members of the Camp Nou.

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