The Russians will replace migrants in the construction

Most of the Russian developers possess a reserve of strength and will successfully survive the current crisis caused by falling oil prices and the pandemic coronavirus. Problems can arise with the involvement of the workforce, but foreigners on construction sites can be replaced by Russians, said the developer “kortros is a management”, arrived in edition “”.

according to the representatives of construction industry, development shortly after the suspension of the quarantine will be released on planned production volumes. “Of course, handle those who are now preparing for, internal restructuring of business processes in construction”, — underlined in the message. “At present, the industry is rather stable”, — stated in the “kortros is a management”.

the company noted that “finely tuned schedules of contractors and arrangements perevalovka is a fragile mechanism.” The suspension of construction can complicate the work of General contractors, but it is possible to substitute foreign labor internal. “In the near future will open the door for attracting people to the site people from Russian regions”, — stated in the message.

Earlier in April, the international rating Agency Moody’s downgraded the global construction sector due to pandemic coronavirus. According to analysts, revenues of construction companies would decrease in 2020. The failure of business builders at the same time provoke several factors: the spread of coronavirus infections, worsening prospects for the global economy and lower oil prices.