Rospotrebnadzor called conditions, which can begin its work after the lifting of the isolation regime of the fitness studios and sports clubs. The main provisions are identical to those prescribed for non-food retailers, catering, baths and saunas. All they have to conduct regular cleaning using disinfectants, staff measured the temperature before starting work, staff must wear a mask, and between the visitors should be respected social distance. But the main members of the fitness industry — the CPS allowed the work pools.Fitness clubs and gyms will be able to start work after the pandemic under certain conditions. Before the opening of schools on a daily basis should be the General housekeeping, checked the temperature of each employee, and cases of SARS is not allowed in the club. Such information contains in published on may 26, methodical recommendation of the CPS (.pdf).Visitors in front of the entrance must process hand antiseptics, and those who do not have the caller on a visit or is not an employee of the club, have no right to be in the fitness Studio or sports hall.After the lifting of quarantine measures to fitness clubs and gyms, the Russians are now by appointment only. At the same time, judging by the recommendations of the CPS are not prohibited mass workout, but provided that between the trainee will be observed the distance of 1.5 m. However, there is one caveat, implying that the operators of the clubs will have to clearly ensure that there wasn’t a lot of simultaneous visitors. The most important point in the published recommendations — work pools in fitness clubs and sports centers. Initial health doctors suggested to disable them indefinitely, which caused a negative reaction, particularly from operators in the fitness industry. The CPS took into account the proposals of the market participants in preparing recommendations for the safe use of fitness clubs, says the President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry (OFI) Russia Olga Kiseleva. Market participants discussed with the Agency all paragraphs of the document, so recommendations for the industry came later than for retailers, market participants catering for owners of baths and saunas.For these sectors of the consumer market, the CPS published terms resume may 13. For many of these recommendations are standard, as in the case of the fitness studios and sports clubs: obligatory observance of social distance between the visitors and the wearing of masks and regular cleaning with use of disinfectants.In OFI said “Kommersant” that the regional authorities together with representatives of the Association on the ground yousrabatyvaet deadlines and formats for open fitness studios in each subject of the Russian Federation. Over the past two weeks, added to AAFI, already allowed to access fitness clubs and gyms in Tatarstan, Kirov region and on Sakhalin.Khalil Amine