The Russians were more likely to save money for a rainy day

people have almost ceased to postpone for travel and vacation. At the same time has increased threefold the number of those who want to earn extra income from savings.

These results got a subsidiary company of Sberbank “Sberbank life insurance” – according to the results of the survey (available to the “Russian newspaper”), held in April 2020 in 37 Russian cities with population over 500 thousand people.

a year ago, the proportion of respondents who tried to defer some of the revenue was 27%, and in the beginning of April, 2020 – 35%. Thus in 22 cities from 37 in which a poll was held, the proportion of those who regularly tries to delay, exceeded the average rate of 35%. The largest share of “savers”, according to the study, lives in Yaroslavl, Saratov, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Togliatti.

compared to the summer of 2019 has changed significantly and the purpose of savings. 52% of respondents reported that saving up for contingencies – sickness, accident, accidents, job loss, etc., the Number of people that lay for this purpose, up 33%.

the Second goal of savings – financial support for children. It lay 31% of respondents (their number increased by 59%). 23% of respondents want to receive additional income through the investment of savings. The number of those who make savings for these purposes, showed the most significant increase of 203%.

For old age and postpone retirement 19%, their number increased by 44%. 15% of respondents said that saving up to purchase a home (an increase of 78%) and education (an increase of 65%). 12% saving up for a car (an increase of 31%).

the Number of those who are saving up for vacation and travel, decreased by 88% and amounted to only 2% of respondents. 31% decrease in the number of those who are saving up for treatment and recreational activities (8% of respondents), 30% of those who saves on repairs (9%). 4% of the respondents lay in a large and small appliances, and their number decreased by 17% and 12%, respectively.

“Accumulation, regardless of the purpose, allow you to feel more confident. There are many investment and savings tools, time-tested, and everyone can choose the method that suits him. To start saving you can, regularly saving even small amounts. Recently, in the “Sberbank Online” has the opportunity to invest in 18 mutual Fund “Sberbank Asset Management” with the entrance threshold of 1 thousand rubles or in an individual investment account with an initial investment amount of 10 thousand rubles,” – said senior Vice-President, head of “wealth Management” Sberbank Natalia alymova.

And investment Director “Sberbank asset Management” Renat Malines said “RG” that the easiest way to accumulate a “cushion unitasnosti” is to try to defer about 10% of the monthly income. “To assess the size of the required financial reserve, you need to determine your average monthly expenses. Now it is easy to do. If you actively use the card for payment through online Bank. If cash – use a special smartphone app, where you can enter all the expenses. This approach will allow not only to calculate the average amount of money spent, but also to weed out the expenses which can be postponed. The minimum amount of financial “cushion” should be approximately 6 monthly budgets, but it is better to have 9-12. In any case, the importance is not so much the amount of monthly savings, how much regularity”, – says Malin.