the background of the crisis due to the effects of coronavirus, the Russians were more likely to buy clothes in the stores format second-hand. This is evidenced by the data acquiring system of the Moscow credit Bank (MKB), reports “Kommersant”.

In particular, the revenues of such stores for the first half rose 1.4 times compared to the same period last year. The number of transactions over the same period increased 1.1 times. The overall turnover of all commissions clothing stores increased by seven percent.

the average check Amount in these stores has also increased by almost half. Before the insulation it was about 2.2 thousand rubles,and in April and may, 4.2 per thousand and 4.7 thousand, respectively. In June, the average check was just at the level of 2,7 thousand rubles.

Analysts attributed the increased demand for second-hand the fact that consumers growing level of anxiety regarding future revenues. So some of them began to buy cheaper goods in large quantity. However, the popularity of such stores in the long term is questionable, experts say.