After the cancellation of the remote mode of operation 50% of Russians would like to return to the office and to work in a team, according to a study of job search and recruitment “”.

Approximately one third of respondents expressed a desire to alternate both formats. Only 20% satisfied with “udalenka” and agree to continue working in this format, RIA “Novosti”.

Working remotely often complained that constantly find other employment. From working at home not only diverts 34% of survey participants.

Sports workout interrupted 28% of the respondents, 23% look at work time series, 22% “go” for lunch, watch the show on YouTube, 17% of respondents and even walking – 15%.

Most often on “udalenke” doing household chores 27% of survey participants. The kids have homework to do for distance learning, and relatives distract from work 21% of respondents. TV, Internet and fridge interferes with work, 19% and 7% respectively. Nothing can capture the attention of while working in 42% of survey participants.

In the option “other” respondents most often stated that they distract the kids have homework to do for distance education.

In the study in April was attended by 1.5 thousand respondents aged over 18 from all regions of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the majority of Russians want to change my current place of work: some are planning to find a more promising job, while others are afraid of difficulties experienced by the employer in conditions of quarantine.