Order 65-66% of Russians believe the most justified measure associated with the phased removal of restrictions because of mers resolution for a walk. This is stated in the study conducted by resource stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.

May 12, in a number of regions of Russia will begin a phased removal of restrictions related to the pandemic of novel coronavirus infection.

"Among the most justified from the point of view of the population measures were walking (65-66% of respondents), resolution on sport in the street (43-51%), work permit small shops (40-41%), the resolution of the small service organizations (39-43%)", – stated in the survey results available to the TASS.

The unjustified may 12, Russians believe the following: open restaurants (55-59%), open schools (55-57%), open kindergartens (44-47%) and permission to leave home for people over 65 years of age (risk group) (34-40%).

The interviews were conducted in groups stopmanager.of the Russian Federation in the social network "Vkontakte" and the messenger Telegram on may 9-11, attended by over 59,1 thousand persons.