Meteorologist center weather “Phobos”, broadcaster Eugene Tiscover revealed to the Russians the forecast for the coming winter, writes portal

According to him, winter, unlike the previous one, will be normal, the temperature indicators are expected to be within the climatic norm. Tiscover noticed that the higher-than-normal for this period, the temperature will be only symbolic.

At the same time, the expert pointed out that in December expected the increased amount of precipitation. In his opinion, in this regard, the shops for a winter holiday can count on a good sale and can make up for lost profit for last year.

Previously the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand, said the return of the summer heat in the center of European Russia. According to him, since August 20, the weather will be more like summer. So, the temperature will go up to 24-28 degrees.

In July, a climatologist Catherine Pestryakov said that abnormal heat, established in the Urals, Siberia and the far East, may be indicative o the coming cold winter. On ee to words, hot summer in regions with kontinentalni climate usually “suggests that “continentality increased.” Then followed a cold winter, she explained, adding that the likelihood of this forecast is about 90 percent.