MOSCOW, may 25 — RIA Novosti. the Russians will be able to see comet Swan, which recently flew to the Solar system and may 27 will approach the closest distance to the Sun, according to press service Moscow planetarium.

“Beautiful tailed comet C/F8 2020 (SWAN) flies past earth at a distance of km 83,3 million on may 27, she will approach the Sun at a distance of 64.3 million kilometers. In the mid-latitudes it is already possible to see in the early morning in the North-East”, — stated in the message.

it is Noted that the comet, discovered by Australian the Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo just a couple of months ago, is now visible to the naked eye. In the planetarium called it “a major comet spring.”

And at the time of discovery the comet was not as colorful as it is now. As it approaches the Sun grew its brightness and appeared “quite big and beautiful tail.”

Now the comet can be seen throughout the night. Dusk is better to look at North-North-West. According to astronomers, the brightness of comet Swan should be enough to notice with the naked eye, may prevent just the weather and the bright twilight sky.

“From mid-may to end of June, comet C/F8 2020 (SWAN) will be visible throughout the night in the Northern part of the sky low over the horizon. Since the end of June, the comet is visible in the morning shortly before sunrise on the northeast. to move to the period of visibility in small devices the comet is in the constellation of the whale, Pisces, Aries, Triangle, Perseus, Auriga, Gemini and Unicorn,” — said in a planetarium.

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