The Russians feared for their cottages

the Russians were afraid for their cottages and became their best to protect. This is stated in the material manufacturer’s security system Delta received at the disposal “of the”.

In March 2020 the number of requests for the installation of security equipment for country real estate increased by 14 percent in April and 42 percent compared to the same period last year. The company noted that with the continuation of the regime of self-isolation, the anxiety of the citizens is growing, which leads to increased worries about its housing.

In this case, the crime situation does not deteriorate. The number of visits of the rapid response teams in March this year decreased by 10 percent compared to March 2019. Although the spring season in the country market is traditionally considered one of the most active robbers. Plays it is just autumn, when people leave their home unattended and in the cold forget about trips to the country.

Earlier in the Civil code decided to make amendments on the “reasonable patient” in relation to the neighbors in the cottage. They imposed a number of restrictions: for example, you cannot deepen your plot in such a way that the soil of a neighbouring property is deprived of support.