Russian tourists, who refused to carry traveling on airplanes because of the pandemic coronavirus, explained his actions. This is evidenced by the results of the research service of travel “”, arrived in edition “”.

According to the findings, the majority of Russians, 40 per cent were forced to move aircraft around the country because of business trips. Not, a smaller proportion of respondents, 35 percent, as reason pointed out the need to visit relatives in other regions.

in addition, 16 percent of study participants said that they had used internal flights due to low cost tickets in March and April, while nine percent did not return the previously purchased tickets.

in General, the proportion of Russians who traveled domestically in the circumstances, was less than half — the majority of respondents, 63 percent, reported that canceled all scheduled trips.

on 14 may it was reported that Russian tourists have named the mode of transport that causes them the greatest concern about security in a pandemic coronavirus. So, the majority of Russians, 28 percent, in the circumstances, called the most unreliable means of transport, cruise ships and buses. 26 percent of respondents believe that currently the most dangerous to travel on the trains, and 21 per cent on the aircraft.