Intelligence service “” to find out what kind of salary would like to have the Russians after the stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the country and the complete lifting of quarantine measures. The results of the survey are available on RT.

On average, the survey showed, respondents would like to have 74 thousand rubles per month.

Thus, the desired wage of women was lower than men’s. So, the national average men would like to earn 86 thousand rubles, and women — 61 thousand rubles.

Analysts also noted that the desired level of wages after the start of the pandemic coronavirus infection has changed in comparison with the earlier period.

For example, a similar survey conducted in January 2020, showed that the national average men would like to make 103 thousand rubles, and women — 80 thousand rubles.

The survey polled 4.9 thousand people over the age of 18 from all regions of Russia.

Previously Rosstat data showed, in any economic sectors recorded the highest and lowest salaries in the beginning of 2020.