The Russians surveyed consider a pension of 46 thousand rubles a month to be worthy, over the year, requests to the pension level increased by 7.9%. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the Superjob service available to TASS.

1,600 respondents from all districts of the country took part in the survey.

“A decent pension today, according to the average estimates of Russians, is an amount of 46.4 thousand rubles per month. Men consider the amount of 47.2 thousand rubles acceptable, women – 45.5 thousand rubles. The size of pension claims increases with the increase in the age and income level of the respondents,” the results of the study say.

It is noted that the highest level of requests among residents of megacities is observed in Moscow (50.8 thousand rubles) and St. Petersburg (48.2 thousand rubles). Residents of Vladivostok consider a pension of 47.2 thousand rubles worthy, residents of Tyumen – 46.7 thousand rubles, and residents of Khabarovsk – 46.6 thousand rubles. The residents of Yaroslavl turned out to be the most modest, they consider the amount of 41.3 thousand rubles acceptable. In the whole country, since April, requests for a decent level of old-age pension have increased by 2.4%. In just a year – by 7.9%.

Old-age insurance pensions for non-working pensioners will be indexed by 4.8% from January 1, 2023, the average amount will be 21,864 rubles.