Federation Council member Alexey Pushkov in his Telegram channel called the reasons for the fall in the rating of US President Joe Biden.

According to the senator, this natural phenomenon is caused by problems of domestic and foreign policy, including the imposition of tolerance and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“A natural decline in Biden’s rating: there is no action program, foreign policy is unclear, bedlam has been and remains in the country, plus the epidemic is not on the wane. That’s the result,” Pushkov stressed.

Earlier it became known that the majority of American voters blame US President Joe Biden, Congress, corporations and China for supply chain violations that led to price increases and shortages of goods. Such data follows from the Morning Consult survey.

Prior to that, Biden’s approval rating among Americans reached a new anti-record and dropped to the lowest value for his entire presidency. According to the results of recent polls, more than half of Americans disapprove of the work of the current head of state.