The Russian military has sanitized nursing homes in Lombardy

BERGAMO (Italy), 24 APR – RIA Novosti. Russian military servicemen together with the military units of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the armed forces of Italy disinfected nursing homes in three cities of Lombardy, according to the defense Ministry.

“the Russian military specialists together with the military personnel division of NBC defence armed forces of Italy spent disinfecting the interior and the surrounding roads, three hospitals in the province of Brescia (Lombardy)”, – stated in the message.

Disinfection carried out in homes for the elderly in the cities of Quinzano-d”oglio, Pontevico and Pralboino the province of Brescia.

Also the head physician of the boarding house Hugo Gelardi expressed gratitude to the Russian specialists. He said that this assistance is very timely. “I am grateful for the assistance and I am confident that the work of disinfection will reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus inspection. On his behalf I want to thank the Russian people for your help Italy” – are the words of Galardi in the message.

of All Russian military doctors, epidemiologists and specialists of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Ministry of defense of Russia, together with Italian military carried out a complete disinfection of pensions for older people in more than 71 communities in the Lombardy region. Processed 79 buildings and structures, more than 600 thousand square meters of indoor facilities and more than 110 thousand square meters of paved road.

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