The Russian military began to fight with COVID 19 in the province of Brescia

ROME, April 22 – RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. The Russian military, which assist Italy in the fight against COVID-19, Wednesday began work in the province of Brescia, told RIA Novosti the mayor of the local town Orzinuovi, Senator Gianpiero Maffei.

According to the politician, this morning, just before the beginning of works on disinfection of the house for the elderly in Orzinuovi, he personally met with the Russian and Italian military.

“With great satisfaction I learned about the procedure and working methods used in practice, the Italian and the Russian military in the course of sanitary treatment of a number of our institutions for the elderly,” said Maffei.

According to the Senator, today he phoned Consul General of Russia in Milan Alexander Judd Apatow’s trainwreck, in which he discussed “various aspects of assistance” to Russia.

“At this stage help for us is really important”, – said the mayor Orzinuovi.

on Tuesday, the Director General of the Agency for health Brescia Claudio Sileo reported that in this province there are about 100 medical institutions that require disinfection and sanitization, and thanked the Russian military for their willingness to help.

Earlier, Russians finished processing 73 homes for the elderly in more than 60 cities in the neighboring province of Bergamo (region of Lombardy). Russian medics continue to treat the local patients in the newly opened field hospital in Bergamo.

For Russian assistance and the authorities of the neighbouring Lombardy region of Piedmont. As previously reported by RIA Novosti in the office of the President of the region, the region’s leadership has requested the service of civil defence of Italy the possibility to transfer part of the Russian contingent from Lombardy.

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