“July 1, on drugs, shoes, and tobacco labelling would be mandatory. The following product groups – before the deadline by which decisions of the government, also,” said Uvarov, noting that will work on debugging and ponastroit system.

In turn, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov said: to run from July 1, mandatory labeling in three groups of goods are all ready. “Digital labelling of products is introduced in order to protect our citizens from purchasing illegal products, counterfeit” – he said. Each product will get your digital passport. This will allow you to identify each specific unit, fully trace its turnover – from the manufacturer to the end user.

In fact, a separate segment of the digital economy. “We are talking about the transition to electronic document management. This is creating a huge verified, accurate, automated, not estimated data sets, i.e. Big Data,” said Victor Evtukhov.

the Mandatory labelling of medicinal products, footwear and tobacco products (cigarettes and cigarettes) comes into force on 1 July 2020. From that date the turnover of unmarked shoes and tobacco will be prohibited. Medications that were not labeled before July 1, will be allowed to sell before the expiration date.

In the digital marking today was more than 220 thousand members. “By sectors: 64 thousands is farm 55 thousand shoes and 75 thousand – tobacco. In this daily before 1 July, the number of connections exceeds a thousand new companies,” – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors CRPT Michael Dubin. The amount of investment in the digital marking to the end of the year will be about 20 billion rubles.