investment Analysts of the international Agency Fitch has predicted difficult times for the Russian economy. Their forecast (at the disposal “of the”), the national GDP by the end of 2020 will be reduced by 5.8 percent.

Therefore, the decline will be more dramatic than previously predicted. At the end of may, the same authors talked about the probable decline of five percent in annual terms.

In 2021, the Russian economy will grow by 3.6 percent, which will be largely due to the low base effect this year. In 2022 is expected to increase by two percent.

Among the emerging markets, Fitch analysts singled out Mexico for the economy which predict a fall of 9.1 per cent, Poland (3.2 percent), Turkey (3.9 percent), South Africa (6.7 percent), Indonesia (2 percent) and India (4.2 percent).

the Global GDP by the end of this year will decrease by 4.6%, the authors predict. The main threat for the global economy remains the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus, and the return to restrictive measures.