The Russian budget will lose about trillion rubles for oil

Russia’s Budget in 2020 will miss trillion rubles from the cheaper oil. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a source.

Russian authorities have adjusted the budget for the years 2020-2022, in February of this year. He was then in surplus: it was expected that the average price of oil will be $ 57.7 per barrel, the budget revenue was planned at the level of 20.6 trillion rubles, expenses — at the level of 19.7 trillion. In the spring the government was to prepare an updated version of the budget because of the changing economic situation on the background of the coronavirus and low oil prices, but in the end the work was postponed for an indefinite period.

However, compiled a “working version” of the forecast Federal budget, the newspaper writes. According to her, in the base case oil price in 2020 is $ 20 per barrel and the budget will be in deficit. Its revenues will amount to 15.2 trillion rubles (without taking into account the proceeds from the purchase transaction of the savings Bank Ministry of Finance), and expenditure of 20.8 trillion rubles. Thus, the size of the holes in the budget will amount to 5.6 trillion rubles.

According to the newspaper, to Finance the gap are collected at the expense of the national welfare Fund (NWF), it going to get 2 trillion rubles. Another trillion plan to find additional sources. The remaining amount will be attracted through loans on the market.

Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has assessed the Russia at current low oil prices will have the NWF. According to him, money in the reserve Fund is sufficient until 2024.