The Russian Ambassador told about the readiness to extend a missile agreement with the United States

Recall that the validity of a bilateral Treaty, signed in 2011, Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama, the then head of our countries, expires in February 2021-th. Still from the American side has not received signals about its readiness to prolong, moreover, many officials and military high-level in the United States made it clear that they consider it inappropriate, but also put forward new conditions.

Photo: Sergey Pivovarov/ RIA Novosti Kosachev: Deleted the entry in the start weapons under development

So, the Pentagon chief mark Esper last year requested that the parameters of the start-3 “all the latest weapons of Russia”. In turn, the Russian side insists that our American colleagues instead of real reductions in nuclear arsenals went to the trick, which is part of the launchers of ballistic missiles of submarines and heavy bombers for non-nuclear “stuffing”.

According to Antonov, Moscow will be ready to launch a domestic mechanism of renewal of the strategic document, as soon as the progress from the United States. However, time to lose, objectively, remains less.