extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev said that the opposition in Belarus is putting pressure on the electoral process in the country more than before. But Russia, in contrast, do not interfere. He said this during an interview with first Deputy Director General of TASS Mikhail Gusman. He also said, when restored communication between Russia and Belarus.

Wait for the revelations from the diplomatic service was probably pointless. However, Mr Yanukovych announced several notable statements. He denied the information that Russia can influence elections in Belarus.” I am absolutely convinced that all the talk about the fact that someone once supposedly or allegedly from the territory of the Russian Federation exerts pressure on the elections in Belarus, have under itself no bases”, – the diplomat said.

Very vaguely spoke to the Ambassador about the situation of the BGB. He said that Russia has received detailed answers to all questions, concerning problems of financial institutions. According to him, he met with the head of the national Bank of Belarus and Chairman of the state control Committee and they answered his questions about the situation with the Bank. “Another thing is that these questions and answers not all can have” – the diplomat added.

However, the high civil activity in Belarus Mesentsev said: “Today we see in a certain sense more pressure from the opposition, the opponents in the election process. It is natural, too, is surprising by definition nothing. Otherwise it would not be pre-election processes, otherwise it would not be direct election of the President in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus”, – he said.

Despite the protests, which were held in the country against the arrest of potential opponents of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, the diplomat called the situation in the country is stable, and the actions of law enforcement officers against people of “valid” and “verified”. In addition, he is confident that the elections will be allowed observers from Russia and other countries, if they want to. He recalled that he headed the mission of observers of member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) in the presidential election in 2015 and then the access of observers was provided at all polling stations.

However, in these adjusted responses of Ambassador sometimes slipped hints of complexity in the relationship. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation considers that to negotiate the price of gas will be easier as soon as Belarus starts to pay the debts. “With regard to the forecast prices for the next year, the Russian side confirms that as soon as the repayment of the debt or the debt as anyone, so as not to offend, COIOleniy obligations under the contract, probably a lot easier to say that you can start to discuss the price next year,” said Mezentsev Agency. And added that if there is a signed agreement, then they need to perform. He told how in his vision, must dare to challenge the BGB. According to him, it is crucial to get away from the system of temporary management, to agree on the new composition of the Board, to support the steps to protect the interests of shareholders and depositors.

According to Mezentsev, the relations between the two countries prevent any dairy war. And it is important through these “thorns kefir and meat debris” to go to full economic integration, which in no way can affect someone else’s sovereignty. He also added that July 17 is expected to meet Prime Ministers of the EAEU countries as a step for strengthening economic cooperation and integration. In General, the communication between countries, according to him, will be restored before the end of summer.