earlier In the week the ruble on the Moscow stock exchange fell to the lowest since late may against major currencies, according to the site.

as of 11:35 the dollar is trading at 71,73 of the ruble, the maximum reached 71,79 ruble. The Euro stayed 80,96 of the ruble, although it rose above 81 rubles.

In the first minutes after the start of trading, the Russian currency was growing up, but after 10:20 started the collapse.

however, the main Russian stock indexes show opposite dynamics. Indices Mosberg and RTS are growing by almost 1.5 percent.

last week, the Central Bank managed to stop the fall of ruble with the help of currency interventions. For two days, the regulator sold the currency to 20 billion rubles. However, at the end of the week the ruble again began to decline.