Queen Anne-Marie’s daughter-in-law – ekskronprinsesse Marie-Chantal and her husband, ekskronprins Pavlos – live in New York, who are hard hit by the coronavirus.

In an interview with B. T. tells Marie-Chantal, how the family has to be in the UNITED states’epicenter for corona.

“This is some unprecedented times, and it has been a challenge for many parents could in the world, while we are all trying to navigate this crisis together,” she says in the interview, she also talks about how it was to be married into the Greek royal family.

just Like in Denmark, many schools and universities in the UNITED states closed, which means that ekskronprinsparrets four youngest children all have digital distance education.

the Couple’s two oldest sons, 21-year-old prince Constantine-Alexios (Tino) and 19-year-old prince Achileas-Andreas, must both follow the university teaching from home, while their two younger brothers, 15-year-old prince Odysseus and the 11-year-old prince Aristide, pursuing their school education in the same way.

“It takes some adjustment, but we will reach the goal. We are all in this together,” says Marie-Chantal in a written reply to B. T. in the context of an interview about her new book on good manners, ‘Manners Begin to Breakfast’.

The Greek ekskronprinsesse, there was eksdronning Anne-Marie and ekskong Constantine’s daughter-in-law, when she in 1995 and married their oldest son, ekskronprins Pavlos, does not hide the fact that it shut down New York and the UNITED states, as she finds herself in, is an unfamiliar and scary situation.

Marie-Chantal has, however, been well prepared for the crisis.

“I made my own håndsprit at home before coronaen to clean the kitchen and other surfaces,” she says, and explains that she has always been fond of natural cleaning products.

As the coronavirussen started to show its early beginnings in the UNITED states, and Marie-Chantal discovered that håndspritten the lightning was sold out, ordered she therefore 20 small – empty – spray bottles.

she has Them subsequently filled with its own mixture of 80 percent isostearyl alcohol, a little water and some essential oils.

“My favorite is lavender oil. Two or three drops does the trick. I have them with me everywhere, and I spray all the surfaces, door handles, and get all family members to carry around one,” she says.

Marie-Chantal also does what she can to follow the authorities ‘ instructions, among other things, as far as possible, to be at home.

“It is important to remember that there is an enemy out there – and that it is an invisible one,” she explains.

Marie-Chantal is the daughter of billionaire Robert Miller, who founded the butiksimperiet Duty Free Shops, as seen in many airports. In addition to being a director of the company Marie-Chantal in nearly 20 years, had his own børnetøjsfirma.

She tries to work at home to the extent she can – among other things by video meetings. A part of the time she has used among other things to promote his new book.

“I feel that there are many things in the book that are relevant to parents who have children at home this time, so we have marked different passages and shared them on social media,” she writes.

Many companies have been hit hard by the crisis. How does Marie-Chantal as erhvervskvinde on it?

“This is a scary time, as my family has never faced before,” she writes.

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