The Room has a green light for the powers of the government to Wilmès II. With these powers, the government may more quickly take action to make the coronacrisis to deal with each time to the approval of the parliament, and to ask questions. On the advice of the Council of State, the period is reduced from six to three months, all the way up to the summer season.

The original idea was that the government, for a period of six months, the powers of attorney would be a period of three months, renewable for a further three months. But that’s now been reduced to just one-term of three months or less. That is, the Council of State recommended, and the parliament has been followed in this respect. In theory, such an extension, however, but it is not automatic. The parliament is a new bill and a vote.

Also, any other comments from the Council of State, the law changed. That was mostly about the wording of some of the components, which have to be vague as it was. The final text has been agreed by all parties except the Vlaams belang and the PARTY. Which of the two parties were not involved in the pre-negotiation and the power of attorney.

in Particular the N-VA, was urged to make changes to the text on the basis of the recommendation of the Council of State. In the committee on Internal Affairs, which the bill this morning, and had to prepare for the parties, this is also a quick agreement was found. Only the Vlaams belang and the LABOUR party have had fundamental criticism of it. The ultra-left-wing LABOUR party, in the full powers of a liberal, “anti-social” agenda, an attempt by the government to determine the structural measures which the companies will benefit, to the detriment of the workers.

the “Undemocratic”

the Vlaams belang for its part, denounced the undemocratic nature of the appointment of proxies, and in particular the so-called Superkern. This is the weekly meeting on Saturday morning between the prime minister Wilmès, the vicepremiers, and the ten party chairs (except in the case of N-VA, with party leader Peter De Roover) and is intended to have the powers to do so. Earlier, it had also grondwetsspecialist Hendrik Vuye (university of Namur), and that “the undemocratic and non-transparent” is called. He referred to this as the “junta of the party chairs,” a reference to the end of the seventies, when the party chairs of the community Egmontpact had to be negotiated independently of the government.

the criticism of the parliament for a meeting. In the Room there is, from next week, a special commission, where members of parliament to monitor the execution of the power of attorney. The CD&V party leader Servais Verherstraeten, will it lead to. In Parallel, it remains the Superkern, however, continue to exist.

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