the President suggested to start with the pace of housing construction: in connection with the pandemic declined throughout Russia by 11%. However, the Arkhangelsk region, it has become one of the most acute problems, stated the head of state. “More than twice the rate declined by 23 percent,” – said the Russian leader.

Cybulski explained that the reason for that – “gaps in the supply of materials and other objective factors related to the coronavirus”. Another reason for the drop in demand. In this regard, to build as much commercial property as had been planned earlier, will not succeed. However, the regional authorities will fully comply with commitments on resettlement from shabby and emergency Fund, the source said the President.

Another issue that was mentioned by Vladimir Putin, is unemployment. Its level slightly increased again throughout the country, while in the Arkhangelsk region, the figure “has grown a bit more” than the average for Russia. The head of state called on the authorities of the region pay special attention to this topic.

Vladimir Putin has called another connected with the situation on the labour market problem – a decline in investment in fixed capital. “This is not the first year, he told the source. – You had nothing to do with you not long ago started to work”. And yet the President asked Cybulski to talk about the reasons for this situation. “I think this is due to some extent to the closing of production in woodworking industry”, – said the acting Governor.

during the meeting, Cybulski, moreover, drew the President’s attention to the condition of the roads to the towns of Onega, which is 160 km from Arkhangelsk. “I personally, and on it went and I will tell you that during rain or off-season is virtually cut off from Arkhangelsk territory”, – the interlocutor told Putin. He asked the President to instruct the transport Ministry to allocate RUR 5.7 billion. “Well, this instruction will be given,” – said Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to hold soon in the online summit of heads of States permanent members of the UN security Council plus Germany and Iran over the Iranian nuclear deal. This is stated in the Russian leader’s statement published on the Kremlin website.

“the Goal is to identify steps to avoid confrontation, the aggravation of the situation in the Security Council of the UN to provide collective support to further smooth the implementation of UN security Council resolution 2231, which created the international legal framework for the implementation of the AGREEMENT”, – reads the statement of the President. Vladimir Putin said that discussions on the Iranian issue in the UN security Council becoming more and more strained. “In the event of a fundamental readiness for conversation leaders to quickly carry out the approval of the agenda General description��Alannah modalities and timing of videocamera at the foreign ministries of seven countries”, – said the President.