“things didn’t go as we would like, the case with the “Rostov” – PE. We knew that the virus is around us. The regulations, which we have developed, should minimize the risks. In conjunction with the FMBA will be investigated, no one knows how long we will be in such a reality,” said Alaev, whose words cites RIA Novosti.

According to unconfirmed information, the first of the players of “Rostov” sick Khoren of Birman who came to visit their parents. Then COVID-19 found five of its partners, and the team was forced to sit on a two-week quarantine.

On June 19, the scheduled first match “Rostov” after the resumption of the season in the Russian Premier League against “Sochi”. The opponent of Rostov opposed the postponement of the game, and if the parties fail to agree, then the team Valery Karpin threatened with a technical defeat.