The RF IC became interested in the case about the provision of subsidies to young families in Mordovia

Officials advised to divorce

…In a small visit on the second floor of the “Khrushchev,” they live together, Alexander, Irina and two sons, eleven-year-old Dylan and six-year-old Andrew. His first own housing, the couple bought a mortgage about a year ago when he lost hope for a state subsidy.

participating in the program “the Young family” we have become in 2014. we’ve been housing then? No – 12 years, roam in a rented apartment, shrugs the head of the family. – We are recognized to be in need of housing, was put on the queue under the number 790.

the years Went by, and by Gladysheva with children was still only dream about a housewarming party, moving from one rented “chorus” in other.

Photo: iStock the COP is forbidden to demand repayment of subsidized housing with conscientious citizens

– Familiar wondered: why do you tarry so long? They say that the other already received a certificate, although the recording up later than you. Some even boasted of his “learning to live”, telling that for a certain sum can make payments to bypass the queue. To hear this was certainly frustrating – I remember the couple. – Officials in response to a question about long-standing expectations once told us… to get a divorce. Supposedly, a single woman with two children could receive assistance. What we would then be family?..

a List of program participants at that time were published on the website of the district administration – so you can monitor the progress of the queue.

– of Course, we control the process, regularly checking the number of positions up we climbed for the quarter and year to date. And over time, began to notice strange things: in the first lines of the list of contenders for the payment began to appear other names, which wasn’t there before – sayt Irina.

To the queue?

So, in 2017 grantees out of turn were six families, is on the list under the numbers 76, 95, 122, 171, 187, 196. The last coincidentally was the family of the employees of the administration of the Ruzaevsky district. Another coincidence – that the clerk led the work, taking into account different categories of citizens in need of better housing conditions. And that she has got the most substantial social benefits in 841 277 rubles.

– so we all thought it was suspicious, – makes a helpless gesture Alexander. We have decided that it needs to understand law enforcement agencies. Two years ago, in July of 2018, addressed to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Mordovia Anatoly Sitnikov.

Photo: Labinskiy miniprogramme Kuban 95-year-old veteran of 10 years waiting for allocation of a housing subsidy

a month later, in August, according to the statement Gladysheva a criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 286 of the RF criminal code (exceeding official powers). The investigation was conducted by the investigative Department of the city of Ruzaevka.

to Give explanations had to be the head of the district, the Chairman of the state Committee for youth Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and, of course, the district clerk, which became the owner grants to bypass the queue. The woman explained that each year a certificate under the program “Young family” in the Ruzaevskiy district receive about 30 families. In 2017 the number of applicants for payments for whatever reason – moving, apartments for sale, housing in inheritance, etc. – the right of support lost. And some people decided to refuse the certificate for financial reasons: as you know, the state subsidy does not cover the full cost of purchasing the apartment, the recipients have to invest their own savings. In the end of the allocated the funds remained unclaimed. The money decided to distribute among the other participants. An additional list was compiled from the “candidates for elimination” – families in which one of the spouses soon turned 36 years old: at that age the waiting list are excluded from the program “Young family”. The district authorities have directed the corresponding petition to goskomekologii RM, which was accepted. Thus, the administration of de was guided solely by concern for people and a desire for justice.

the investigation identified a gap in regional legislation. To cover up a loophole for abuse was only through the “case Gladyshev”

Another employee of the district administration, formed the same “preferential” list, also said that the issuance of the peer certificate out of the lineup is in no way affiliated with her position: the clerk called all the other members of the program, offering to include them in a motion to receive payment but they refused or did not take the phone.

– can You imagine the following picture – people in need of housing, refuses certificate to the subsidy? – grins Alexander Gladyshev. But the case eventually was closed. And soon our family was expelled from the waiting list – as soon as wife turned 36 in may of last year. At that time we were in the sixth hundred candidates.

“no crime has been committed…”

However, the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of the arguments of the officials are also not convinced: Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic of Moldova, Alexei Berezin sent a criminal case for further investigation. Moreover, the Supervisory Agency is interested in why a year earlier subsidies for housing out of turn, not having the legal grounds, in Ruzayevka has been granted to six families.

Many people will be forced to return the subsidies to pay for housing

In October 2019, the case was again stopped in connection with absence in actions of the defendants in the crime. As explained “RG” in the Investigative Committee of the Republic, were detected with pshy in regional legislation: it turned out that the laws and regulations prescribed in detail the procedure for replacement of members in case one of them dropped out from the queue. In fact, this issue was left to the discretion of officials and therefore, the district administration the letter of the law is not violated. To cover this loophole for abuse was only through the “case Gladyshev”: regional SK went to the state Assembly RM with the offer to amend.

Photo: Vladimir Anosov In court of Krasnodar has lost the documents on the right to housing, the single mother with children

In December, the Prosecutor’s office for the second time has cancelled the decision about closing of criminal case, drawing attention to a number of inconsistencies. So, the lists on the issuance of housing subsidies before the clerk of district administration received the payment, was not one, not two, but – attention! – 99 people on the waiting list that have reached the limit for participants age. And they all, according to defendants, refused the last chance to obtain a certificate, knowing that next year will lose that right. In this case as witnesses were interviewed, only 24 people. Six of them were the happy owners of the subsidies, while the remaining 18 generally denied that they ever called with a tempting offer on the issue of the certificate.

Meanwhile, the case Gladysheva interested in the Investigative Committee of Russia. “The Chairman of the UK instructed to check all the circumstances, the legality and validity of procedural decisions on the situation on the limitation of social guarantees for young families in the city of Ruzaevka of the Republic of Mordovia”, – said the press service of the Ministry reported.

– Want to get on personal reception Alexander Bastrykin, – shared his plans Alexander Gladyshev. – No, not for me: well, not give me the grant – and right now we have a house, thank God, is. Take still buy. For me now a matter of principle – to stop the lawlessness. Because our case was not unique. I call and write from all over the country. We plan to prepare a collective appeal.


Sergey Gubanov, head of Department of procedural control of the SU RF IC in the RM:

– Yes, the investigation established that the order was violated. But, first, there are no consequences for the applicant it is not resulted in all six families, pridvinutyh forward through the list, stood on the account before him. Second, corruption has not been established or other ties with the inclusion of these families in a supplementary list, which is confirmed by studies on the polygraph, which passed the officials. As for the employees of district administration received the payment, then she was on maternity leave and could not participate in the formation of the list. And thirdly, at that time the situation was not resolved legislatively. At the initiative of the Investigative Department of the national Assembly of the RM, changes in regulatory legal acts. Now the released funds under the state program are distributed exclusively in the common queue.

a Criminal case on the statement Gladysheva resumed on January 20. The Prosecutor’s office insists on questioning all participants of the program. All instructions of the Supervisory authority are fulfilled.